Graphic recording

The power of words and images

Live cartooning

Cartoons for your presentation


Present your idea with a strong image

Always a graphic recorder

Because we are many, there is always a graphic recorder available to visually support your meeting.

Guide your process

We draw your story on any format paper or digitally with a drawing tablet displayed on a screen.

Spread your message

We share the drawings through a smart digital presentation, for your internal newsletter, e-mail and social media.

Who are we?

Draw up! is a collective draftsman, specialized in live cartoons, scribe and visual notation. We facilitate visual thinking strategies that often spark new thought processes. Draw up! means to prepare a draft version of plans, designing, but especially drawing action and drawing together.

Visualize ideas with Live drawing

We draw during meetings, put things in perspective with a fresh mind, guide and support a growth process. Complex content seems difficult until a graphic recorder draws it for you. We do this on paper, large on a wall or digitally displayed with a projector.

Visual thinking is thinking differently

But Draw up! is more. Draw up! believes that a graphic recording is more than just supplementing text. It is the missing link in improving cognitive skills and processes. That is why we organize drawing campaigns and join inspiring meetings.

Express your ideas clearly with drawings? Draw up! organizes visual thinking workshops. Learn how to effectively communicate with images. Want to learn more? Contact us without obligation.


All draftsmen specialize in Graphic recording, Live cartooning, Brainstorming & Animation.



Illustrates everything on its way.


His style is always involved.


Creates order and makes connections.


Specialization: whiteboard animations.


Supervising processes visually.


Takes control of it.


Stimulates, enlivens & refreshes.


All-round in the business for 25 years.


Makes substantive cartoons.


Makes it an animation!


Always a draftsman for you.

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